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manga4sale's Journal

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manga selling community
This is a selling community for manga. Posting is moderated to prevent spamming. Please see the following rules before posting.

A Few Simple Posting Rules
1. Post items only once. We will set up a memory feature to search for manga by title, so there is no need to repeatedly post your items for sale.
2. Post auctions only once. Not that I should have to say that, but do not post multiple times for the same auction. If you wish to link to an auction that is off this site, ebay or whatnot, you may post once for that auction. A new auction allows a new post, but please avoid posting multiple times for the same item.
3. You may post more than once a week, but if you're posting multiple times each post should have more than 3 items.
4. Posts with multiple items may be split into separate posts divided by title. If you spam the site and abuse this, the moderator reserves the right to restrict posting privelages.
5. Place pictures under a cut. No exceptions.
6. No fake lj-cuts Mark it.
7. It goes without saying, but Japanese manga only.
8. Include all relavent information for selling in your post - price, payment, shipping information.

If you choose to not follow these rules and your post makes it through moderation, you will be warned. If you do not fix your post within 24 hours it will be deleted. If this happens too many times, you will be suspended from posting. It's not a big problem, but it's already happened, so it bears warning.

Browsers can use the tags feature, as well as the memory feature to search for manga listed. Include tags in your post to allow users to search for your items.

"looking for" posts
Limit to one per user, per month. I know that sounds harsh, but please try to limit these. If there are floods of them permission to post these will be removed.

Check the Community Memories and Tags to search for manga already for sale.

Take responsibility for your own sales. Mark the condition of what you're selling and be honest. Handle problems between seller and buyer on your own. The owner of this community assumes no responsability for the actions of community members.

Moderator: sithkittie
email: shakespeare(dot)gurl(at)gmail(dot)com